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First Fury is copyrighted.     Copyright 2015 Thomas B. Macy
First Fury First Fury is the first of three books in my Fury series. First Fury is based on the true story of a woman transformed in her quest for vengeance. In 1848, dressed as man, anger drives Ann to sign on to the Christopher Mitchell, a whaling ship, to hunt down the man who “ruined” her.

At 18 she was convinved to leave her home in Rochester by a fellow who promised to marry her. They traveled a ways on the Erie Canal before he left her alone and unmarried. With no future, she decided that man who did this must pay. For 8 months she served in one of the most dangerous and vile of professions. First Fury is a different kind of love story.

The Pictures, Docs, etc. link above includes

  1. evidence concerning the truth of this story,
  2. pictures related to the story, and
  3. references used during the writing of the work.

Go here for a brief description of what whaling was like.
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