Paita, July 16, 1849


(Excerpts from a letter from A. Bathurst American Consul,  To Charles and Henry Coffin in Nantucket)


My dear Sirs

    In a letter to …


The Christopher Mitchell returned on the 6th having discovered only a few days ago that George Johnson who shipped in Nantucket as a green hand was one of the opposite sex.   As Captain Sullivan did not think it prudent to keep the female sailor on board, he very wisely returned and gave “Miss Ann” Johnson up to the care of the American Consul.  “Miss J is now a guest in my family – a very fine young woman about 19, extremely well bred and has not yet acquired any of the conversation so frequently practiced by sailors.  I have promised her paternal care for which she appears very grateful.   My daughter takes great pleasure in making her comfortable and I am happy to say they are like sisters.   She will be conducted to the US first opportunity. 


Miss Johnson belongs to Rochester ?? NY